BeCrop Test

The Global Standard in Soil Health

BeCrop® Test provides a user-friendly report on soil nutrient cycling, health, and biodiversity on any field. The report is a data-driven picture of the global functions of the microbial networks.

What You Get: We’ll ship you a box with test tubes and instructions on how to sample your soil. Once you ship the tests back to us, we’ll process the samples using DNA sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. You’ll get a detailed report with your results, and get access to our BeCrop Portal, where you can view and download your reports and use our portal tools to perform additional customized analyses. BeCrop® Test is only designed for soil analysis.


Need more than 10 tests? If you would like to buy more than 10 BeCrop® Tests please click here to connect with one of our experts. See below for our recommendation on how many tests you will need.

We recommend 1 test for each management zone of any given crop. 

Example 1: If you’re growing corn and have 2 management zones, then we suggest getting 2 BeCrop Tests.

Example 2: If you’re growing corn in 1 management zone and wheat in 2 management zones, then we recommend 3 BeCrop Tests.

Management zones are areas within a field that have similar yield potential. However, this similar performance can be due to a variety of different reasons, including soil type, elevation and weather conditions within or between years. Because each zone responds differently to inputs, we recommend getting 1 test per zone.

BeCrop reports are crop-specific. Our high-precision reports offer specific disease risks and other metrics that affect a given crop. For this reason we ask for your crop type during the checkout process.

The frequency of testing depends on your objective. Typically our customers will test 1-3 times per year to monitor soil health and make necessary amendments throughout the growing season, as needed.

You can start testing your soil as early as prior to planting until the end of the growing season, or post-harvest to prepare for the following year.

If you’re unsure, you can reach out to our experts for advice on a testing cadence that works for your needs. 

Once the sample is sent, it takes around 2-6 weeks to process. Lead times do vary depending on the sample quality, number of samples, location and shipping times. 

Once you send us the soil sample, properly following the sampling instructions that will be sent with the sampling kit, there should not be any problems.

Problems arise from contamination of the sample, which usually occurs when you send samples containing other elements than soil or when you do not follow the sampling instructions properly.

Have questions?

If you have any questions regarding making a BeCrop® Test order don’t hesitate in contacting us.